Coronavirus Notice

During the Coronavirus outbreak, evince will a still be supporting our clients. All our services are still on offer.

To help businesses get through this outbreak, we are now also offering specific Coronavirus lockdown based services (some examples of the sort of things we are talking about with clients are below);

  • Diversification & marketing of existing services to allow trading to continue
  • Site alterations to advertise working practice changes
  • Changing of ecommerce configurations to be compliant with lockdown legislation and new working practice
  • Conversion of appropriate services to be at home based via live streaming and/or video link.

Some examples of recent work done to help mitigate lockdown disruption – if any of the below is appropriate for you please contact us.

  • A distribution ecommerce client wanted to setup deposit layaway payment processing (as delivery can’t be made), so orders can still be placed online & stock purchased in preparation
  • Various clients have closed down their ecommerce stores temporarily and I’ve added various messages to the sites
  • Various clients have setup special offers for virtual products to help with cash flow
  • I have added various messages to sites notifying users of working practice changes
  • I have modified delivery methods for several clients (who are exempt from the lockdown), to a contactless driveway drop off / service
  • I was approached by a local Church to set up live streaming on their site so that Mass could continue during the outbreak
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