evince is a boutique Web Agency based in Guildford, Surrey, founded and led by Dan Vince.

Dan has been at the cutting edge of web design, web development and web marketing for over 25 years. For a taste of what evince can offer click to see our portfolio.

evince offers a holistic approach to Web Development, Website Design and Search Engine Optimisation. evince are specialists in eCommerce websites and Search Engine Optimisation. In addition, our expertise and skills extend to most other aspects of Web Design and Web Development. This means that evince can undertake large and complex projects without the need for further outsourcing. evince has the skills, experience, and capability to ensure your projects are completed faster, more cost-effectively and with greater clarity. Dan has worked across all major systems for many years. He has decided to specialise in developing eCommerce websites using the Magento platform because he believes that Magento is the best way forward for eCommerce in today’s competitive environment. Its advanced features, when deployed correctly, have the ability to beat any other eCommerce platform available. So we always recommend it over other systems for new builds. At the same time evince is just as capable to maintain and develop eCommerce sites built on other platforms.

evince operates to high standards of transparency and commercial practice.  For all projects, we clarify a specific brief and draw up a work plan and contract. This ensures that you as the customer are protected and understand what the deliverables are. This is especially recommended for ongoing website maintenance work, Service Level Agreements, Search Engine Optimisation and large projects.

We look forward to discussing any project you may have; no matter how small or how large. Just contact us to discuss your needs. We guarantee that communications will be succinct, straightforward and stress-free.

We are VAT registered and have Private Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance (schedule available on request).

The company registration # is 08893971.