Domain Name Changes

If your company is rebranding, you will need to undergo the process of changing your domain name. This can be a difficult process that comes with risks to your SEO and your wider brand.

Our domain name change services will take the stress out of your online rebrand by finding the right name for your company, purchasing and setting it up to work with your website. We will also provide redirects to ensure that your website is still found by your customers.

Our comprehensive service will take the stress out of your online rebrand. We have managed many domain name changes over the years and have an efficient, effective process that will ensure the smooth transition to your new domain.

SEO considerations are not an afterthought. Everything will be done to maintain your rankings and your traffic, as well as ensure the continuity of your PPC campaigns.

We can make changes to meta information and website copy as well as all of the technical considerations involved in changing your domain name.

Your PPC ads and advertising copy will have to be updated to reflect the change. We will also ensure that you are correctly set up with Webmaster Tools.

Of course, no two domain name changes are the same. evince will work with you to set up a project plan, mapping out all of the necessary steps that are needed along the way along with clear and transparent responsibilities and timelines from the outset. There are no packages, just bespoke strategies to meet the demands of your individual business and website.

We are highly experienced in offering domain name services, which means that we understand the risks to your business and have the expertise to minimise them.

Contact us today to find out how evince, the Web Marketing specialists, can take the pain out of your online rebrand.