Website Maintenance

Getting your website online is one thing, but keeping it maintained can be time-consuming and complicated.

From keeping plug-ins updated in the CMS to server maintenance and content updates, our website maintenance service will ensure that your website is kept up to date from both a technical and front-end perspective.

We’ll help keep your news and blog section live and relevant, whether you require copy written from scratch or just uploaded on a regular basis. We will also manage the maintenance of your website, ensuring that nothing goes wrong that could take your business offline and cost you money in lost sales.

evince can offer you a website maintenance package that is right for you. We will give you the number of hours and the flexibility that you need. Regardless of whether or not we have built your original website, we can offer a service to meet your requirements.

By choosing our website maintenance package, you are ensuring that your website stays ahead of the competition. We will help you keep your website up to date, keeping all of your company information fresh and growing your website as you grow your company.

You can update sections of your website as you go and responsively refine areas of your site as you learn more about how to achieve the full potential of the technology available.

We have experience across all major Content Management System platforms so whether you need ongoing maintenance for your existing site or would like a maintenance package for your new evince website, we offer a bespoke service to meet all of your requirements.

Contact us today to find out how evince, the Website Maintenance specialists, can help you keep on top of technology and ahead of the competition.


KILO [£100 / MONTH]

Our Entry Level Package

Ideal for start-ups and for those who would like a taster of how we can transform your online presence

Includes a Regular Amount of Onsite SEO

MEGA [£300 / MONTH]

Our Standard Package

Ideal for sites that are ready to make the next leap forward

Web Support & Site Tweaks Included

Pay Per Click Campaign Management

Advanced Webmaster Tools Analysis / Fixes

GIGA [£600 / MONTH]

Our Pro Package

Ideal for sites with a significant ongoing requirement or who need to maintain a strong online presence

In-depth Weekly & Regular Pay Per Click Campaign Management

Advanced Webmaster Tools Analysis / Fixes & Backlink Analysis / Disavowing

Great for Multiple Sites with a Similar Proposition