Web Marketing

Web Marketing is a constantly changing arena and as such a highly interesting field to keep abreast of. Dan has specialised in Search Engine Optimisation and Web Marketing since 2004 and has a proven record of success in this field. At evince we always strive to give the client realistic expectations of their SEO and Web Marketing potential.

There is a naive belief that all that needs to be done is – buy a domain, build a template site with minimal copy in order to get ranked well and therefore drive more business. In the vast majority of instances this is patently not the case. If you are competing on a generic key phrase then buying a domain and launching a website is only the first step on a never-ending ladder. You will have to constantly maintain and refresh your web marketing activity simply to keep the status quo. All the while assuming that you are already where you’d like to be. The job could be this straightforward only if you are lucky enough to be competing on a niche key phrase.

evince can provide all possible web marketing services to suit our clients’ requirements and budgets.

The list below highlights the current web marketing services that we believe are necessary to compete at a high level – all of which of course evince can offer.

Contact us today to find out how evince, the Web Marketing specialists, can maximise your online potential.


KILO [£100 / MONTH]

Our Entry Level Package

Ideal for start-ups and for those who would like a taster of how we can transform your online presence

Includes a Regular Amount of Onsite SEO

MEGA [£300 / MONTH]

Our Standard Package

Ideal for sites that are ready to make the next leap forward

Web Support & Site Tweaks Included

Pay Per Click Campaign Management

Advanced Webmaster Tools Analysis / Fixes

GIGA [£600 / MONTH]

Our Pro Package

Ideal for sites with a significant ongoing requirement or who need to maintain a strong online presence

In-depth Weekly & Regular Pay Per Click Campaign Management

Advanced Webmaster Tools Analysis / Fixes & Backlink Analysis / Disavowing

Great for Multiple Sites with a Similar Proposition