Mobile Responsive Retrofit

evince can offer a mobile responsivity retrofit service. You may have an older website that was built without being mobile responsive. Nowadays because mobile responsivity is pretty much a pre-requisite of a successful website you may be thinking about rebuilding it… It could obviously be rebuilt using mobile responsive technologies or you could have the mobile responsivity retroactively added using CSS media queries.

evince has added mobile responsivity to Magento websites where either budget was a constraint (as this service is a lot cheaper than a full rebuild), or when the client was really happy with the existing website’s functionality and aesthetics so only the mobile responsivity was missing.

We undertake this work in a development environment to fully test the working in all media screen sizes, keeping 1 block of CSS to overwrite and a list of any template edits, this means that we can implement the changes once the test site is approved in minutes on the live site.

This CSS mobile responsivity retrofit service is sometimes complemented by our speed overhaul service too as if the site is inherently slow there’s less of a point making it mobile responsive

Don’t give the customers using mobiles and tablets an inferior experience, many statistics show that a fully mobile responsive website increases the conversion rate for mobile and tablet users, don’t lose this custom, contact evince for an appraisal regarding adding mobile responsivity to your website via a retrofit, save your company time and money.