Brexit Web Services

The business community now must face facts that Brexit is happening by October 31th 2019 (Halloween!) – unless there’s a 3rd extension or revocation, now that Article 50 has been triggered.

Whether it’ll be a soft or a hard exit or indeed somewhere in-between, businesses are going to have to adjust and that is particularly relevant to companies who sell online.

Planning is everything, while it may be a little bit early to start actually implementing changes to websites, evince doesn’t believe it’s too early to start thinking about strategies to capitalise on Brexit.

Companies will still need to get 1 step ahead of their competition, we see Brexit as a potential opportunity for some of our clients to capitalise on any competition slow to react.

It may only be a chat at board level at the moment whilst the government sort out what they are doing but if you need technical help with your Magento e-commerce website regarding any strategising or indeed testing the water with new export zones then we can help with;

  • Planning diverging into different international markets to capitalise on cheaper exports as Sterling devalues.
  • Utilising any new reciprocal free trade deals that come online such as the proposed “quick” one to be set up with Australia
  • Updating / changing shipping costs, methods & zones
  • Internationalising your website using Multisite functionality, different languages, and currencies
  • Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing in different countries
  • Setting up Google shopping in different countries
  • Changing of VAT / Tax rates for different countries
  • Special offers to incentivise sales to new markets
  • Adding Surcharges for new import duties
  • Mass unilateral price increases due to currency market fluctuations

It’s not too early to have a conversation with your e-commerce experts about how Brexit could affect your online business, contact us now.

As the Br-exit strategy is formulated & we speak to more companies about their plans and worries we will add new services and options to this page so that it becomes more specifically tailored to e-commerce businesses affected by the UK’s imminent withdrawal from the EU and how we can help them.