Core Web Vitals Optimisation

Core Web Vitals are a set of metrics that google uses to ascertain the quality of the user experience of a particular page / site, these combine to effect the ranking of sites. There are 3 groups of measurements (cumulative layout shift, first input delay & largest contentful paint) that Google uses to categorise and organise these metrics. The higher the score for these the better the general UX (user experience) is and therefore the better the ranking.

We have various ways to improve CWV for websites as part of our SEO offering, using special hosting and caching systems a content delivery network and many onsite changes. So if you need a maxed out site for CWV built for you or if you have an older site that needs a CWV retrofit please contact us.

The best way to achieve an impressive CWV score is to build / rebuild a site with that in mind from the outset. To use a minimum of “heavy” scripts and to appreciate the concepts of minimalism and “less is more”, you don’t need a slider with 10 high resolution images in it that takes 10 seconds to download. Some clients will have content heavy sites with lots of required scripts running (or specific hosting requirements), with which a high CWV score will very difficult / impossible to obtain – but it is always possible to improve things.

If you’d like to check the current score of your CWV we suggest using (Googles own tool) and look at the performance section.

Core Web Vitals have effectively superseded AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) as such we are no longer offering AMP. But if you would like to talk to us about how to improve your CWV score and therefore your ranking please contact us now!