google workspace Setup

evince are now delighted to offer a service which can transition clients emails and systems over to Google’s cloud service on Google Workspace. Technology is moving forward and you need to keep up with the developments. Can you believe we have many clients who still use their own server based email and storage systems and indeed some that still use free webmail for their businesses? It is time to move on.

Sometimes emails can take up so much space on the server that you have to keep deleting old emails just to keep the web space under the limit of the shared hosting package! Similarly using a company server to store files (with the necessary backup procedures) can be expensive, annoying and potentially dangerous. Imagine losing everything?

As companies outgrow their existing email systems they can consider (for example) getting an exchange server or indeed as we recommend making the leap to the cloud. In this regard we support Google Workspace and as such have helped clients in seamlessly moving over to it.

The service we can provide for you is to transfer all your emails and files over from your existing system to Google Workspace. This will ultimately free up the server and also set up Gmail to work with whatever email the client were to choose.  A mobile app would also be an essential modification.