Magento Security Patch Service

Periodically Magento release security patches, it is recommended that you keep your installation fully patched to be as secure as possible.

If you see a security notice message when logging into Magento notifying you that a new patch is available then contact your Magento experts to install it for you. It is doubly important to do it quickly with Magento because when Magento notifies you about the patch they are also notifying the unscrupulous elements out there about possible exploitations.

There are systems available where you can scan your site to check which patches you need, our current favourite is: Magereport. You can also check which patches have been applied to your version by going to the following file in your installation.


So whether you need just the latest Magento security patch or many contact evince.

The basic cost for this service is (£30 + VAT / Patch / Site) in a live environment*

*Proviso: In the instance that core files have been modified or the patch has a confliction with a 3rd party or custom extension then evince will estimate the time to fix before doing anything for approval. Installing patches in a live environment can be a bit of a gamble if core files have been modified or with sites that have poorly maintained and/or not up-to-date extensions. If you think that this is the case then please let us know as it may be better to install the patches in a development environment to test before replicating in the live environment, we will need to quote for this service after analysing. If you do wish to take the basic option and install in a live environment and a confliction occurs then we will fix it or revert the site (assuming your host has a backup system we can utilise and we have proper hosting/cPanel access) depending on the situation as soon as is practicable (for our standard hourly or part hourly rate of £37.50 + VAT). In accepting the basic service you need to agree to this proviso and understand that there may be downtime which we will obviously minimise. If your site has modified core code (which is very bad development practice) and needs a few patches, then it may actually be more cost effective to upgrade the Magento version (and extensions) rather than installing patches and fixing core and/or extensions files for the patches, if this is the case we will appraise the situation and let you know our findings.