GDPR Compliancy Setup

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into force in 2018 so by now any EU or UK company should be well versed with in.

In brief GDPR is simply an EU law that governs the way in which we can use, process, and store personal data (information about an identifiable, living person). Although GDPR was implemented when the UK was in the EU it still applies to UK companies too as it was brought over into UK law after Brexit. So the best practice is for UK companies to be GDPR compliant, as there are big fines for not following the rules.

We specifically look at the GDPR compliancy of websites, not other companywide processes or marketing methods.

With any site evince builds we inherently make it GDPR compliant, but we occasionally work on non GDPR compliant sites that haven’t been changed for years or indeed sometimes we work on sites that other developers have built and not made them GDPR compliant. In which case we offer to make them GDPE compliant as standard.

As such we have setup sites for GDPR compliancy many times so if you would like a GDPR review of you site please contact us and we can take a look, we also offer a GDPR compliancy retrofit service, so please contact us now for more information.