Content Delivery Network (CDN) Setup

evince provides a Content Delivery Network setup service using our preferred CDN: Cloudflare and our supported platforms: WordPress & Magento (we do not offer this service on any other platform or CDN).

evince have done this many times and have perfected the process for both Magento & WordPress, indeed this very site is using WordPress with Cloudflare Pro and Flexible SSL.

The benefits of using the Cloudflare CDN are manifest:

  • Superfast Content Delivery Worldwide
  • Extra Security Settings
  • Free SSL

Both the use of a CDN and SSL are now both Organic Ranking factors.

We can professionally set up Cloudflare with the best possible security and speed configuration for your site which includes full sitewide SSL (something very hard to do on Magento without using a CDN) via their flexible SSL.

Currently, we favour the pro plan: Cloudflare Plans which is sufficient for all but very large sites.

We setup Cloudflare on a new account in your name that we have access to, billed directly to you so that you have complete control.

Contact evince if you’d like more information about this service.