Google Analytics & Conversion Tracking Setup

Conversion Tracking is categorically one of the most important things that you can give a website that is being actively marketed and / or is an ecommerce site. If you don’t know how and where your sales are coming from how else can you get a handle on RoI (Return on Investment).

evince believes that a proper Conversion Tracking setup is a prerequisite to having a successful online business, it can be setup in a multitude of ways and using various platforms, the below list isn’t exhaustive but some of the main methods we use and have experience in.

Google Tag Manager / Google Analytics Goals / Facebook Events Manager / Google Adwords Goals

With conversion tracking you can receive important data about the goals you want to know about. Such as where do people who contact me on my website come from? How much money did adwords bring in this week (is it profitable) etc. There is an infinitude of options available, contact us to discuss which options and methods are best for your setup and requirements.

Our current preferred option is to use Google Tag Manager to setup conversion tracking on the sites and clients we work with. In the past we have set it up in various other ways, so if you have a specific requirement for Conversion Tracking please contact us and I’m sure we’ll be able to help.