Magento V1 to WooCommerce Migration

It’s known that in June 2020 Magento stopped supporting Magento V1, meaning there will be no further patches or updates released that will inevitably be required to fix new security issues, performance updates or bugs. Unfortunately this means that as time passes, there will be more and more security and functionality issues that arise from continuous changes to the PHP coding language that the platform is built on. Although it will be possible to find independent support for a limited time for Magento V1, this will come at a premium, and is inadvisable in the long term.

At evince we are experienced in migrating Magento V1 sites to all the leading alternatives, including Magento V2. But we think the most cost effective option available is WooCommerce. WooCommerce is an open source e-commerce plugin for wordpress, and provides fierce competition in terms of functionality to the likes of Magento V2, but at a fraction of the development cost.

All platform migrations present their challenges, but we’re able to seamlessly move your products, users and orders into WooCommerce, removing the need for extensive manual data entry. For more information on WooCoommerce or our migration services, please get in touch!