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How to Add The Minimum Quantity Next to the Headline Price in Magento

By In Advice, Platforms, Website Development On 26/03/2012

In Magento the minimum quantity for a product isn’t necessarily obvious as standard it sits in the quantity field. It may be beneficial in some circumstances to make it a little more obvious i.e. in b2b style selling, where you may have different products with difference minimum quantities all over the website. It was recently necessary for me to have the min quantity displayed on a site like this:



Minimum Order Quantity : 10


To achieve this firstly get your tierprices.phtml from:


All you have to do is to add this line in the appropiate place:

<?php $_productItem = $_product->getStockItem() ?><strong>Minimum Order Quantity : <?php echo $_productItem->getQty()*1 ?></strong>

I put mine just above the tier pricing… so immediately above this line:

<?php if (count($_tierPrices) > 0): ?>

Works on Version – don’t forget to clear your cache!

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