Better Magento Meta Titles

A good way of of configuring a meta titles for SEO on a magento website is by using the Title Prefix & Title Suffix fields and a tweak to the homepage layout Update XML.

For example in setting the Prefix & Suffix, I would mean I get this layout:

  • Title Prefix: Company Name |
  • Title Suffix: | Tag Line

So that an example page looks like this: Company Name | Example Page / Product Name | Tag Line

The above is perfect but it means the homepage looks like this: Company Name | Home Page Title | Tag Line

So simply override the Title Suffix and Title Prefix on the index page by using a Layout Update XML:

<reference name="head">
 <action method="setData"><key>title</key><value>Company Name | Tag Line</value></action>

In this way the entire site is uniform, and easy to update in the future if your keyword focus changes.

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