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Useful Google Chrome Apps for SEO & Web Development

By In Advice, SEO, Website Development On 04/03/2012

As nowadays most of my web development is done online using CMS, I have discovered a  few very useful apps that work with Google Chrome. I thought I’d list them in the hope that someone else out there will find them equally useful.

Linkclump – A fantastic little app which allows you to right click and drag to open multiple links in new tabs. Extremely useful when using a CMS to upload new product ranges for example – we’ve recently been using migrating several Magento websites and this has proven a massive time saver. It’s also a great way to minimise Repetitive Strain Injury on your click finger!

SEO for Chrome – Great for a quick analysis of the page you are on with PR, Backlinks etc… but there is also a checkbox that highlights all the no follow URLs on the page.This is very useful for obvious SEO reasons and saves the developer having to waste time looking at code for any do follow links that should be no follow as they can easy now be identified.

Screen Capture by Google – A great little tool that does exactly what it says. It take a shot of the screen… it was very useful when I developed my portfolio page and save lots of messing around with Photoshop or ShrinkTheWeb.

I’m sure there are more but these are the 3 I’m currently using lots. If I find any more turn out to be as useful I will add them to this post.

One app that I think would be very useful is a in browser FTP program. I’m sure there will be one along soon. If Chome had a App that allowed developers FTP access to all their sites with the ability to edit code in situ as the paid for version of Coffee Cup does then development would be that much easier… I’ll stick that one on the list for Santa!

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