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Using Magento – multiple stylesheets for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc.

Magento Tweaks How to use multiple CSS style sheets and create a website that is balanced on every browser. Designing on the web would be[...]

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Configuring an Adsense Account on Multiple Analytics Profiles

I know it sounds easy to achieve but it took quite a bit of fiddling around to figure out how to get my AdSense account[...]

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Buzzboost Feedburner WordPress Testimonials Integration

I recently found a really neat way of integrating a WordPress driven testimonials page with a comment rating plugin that then outputs a HTML feed[...]

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AddThis Best Practices for WordPress

I currently have a real penchant for using AddThis. I think it’s technique of focussing all of the social sharing functionality into 1 system with[...]

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How to Connect WordPress to Twitter & Facebook

There is currently a plethora of ways to connect WordPress to the various social media platforms. After much testing I shall describe the easiest way I have found to achieve automatic[...]

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How to Connect WordPress to LinkedIn

Linking WordPress to LinkedIn  so that your blog post are automatically outputed to your LinkedIn profile is very easy to achieve… First login to LinkedIn[...]

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