Million Dollar Homepage

As an example of a unique web marketing opportunity I took advantage of at an early stage in my working life. The million dollar homepage was a great idea that started a phenomenon in web marketing… selling pixels! This was the first instance of pixel selling; 1 Million pixels for $1 each. I got in quite early and bought these pixels for the company for which I was doing SEO:

Million Dollar Homepage

There are links to 5 different websites contained within the image, at one point the 5 sites were receiving 60000 clicks a month just from this one image. 7 years on is still equates to 1/3 of the traffic for 1 particular website…

It is interesting to look at the analytics for that period the spike was just amazing!

Million Dollar Homepage Traffic

Alas due to the untargeted nature of the traffic, this huge traffic volume never transpired into sales… This is the reason not 1 of the hundreds of copycat websites have subsequently worked.

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