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This blog is a testing platform & showcase for web technologies & concepts that I have learnt or have developed. It is also a repository for web development methodology & technical advice particularly to do with the application of SEO & Magento hacks.

The precursor of this website, for over 7 years was simply a repository for my web design and graphic design portfolios. It accrued backlinks via an old fashioned link farm until without me really doing anything it had a PR of 3. I’ve have been putting off redeveloping it for too long and so my New Years resolution is it get it up to scratch in terms of web 2.0 and social network marketing and move it to this new domain.

I have decided to use WordPress (as it is just about the easiest and quickest platform I know – this migration and redevelopment took only 2 hours) and I’m using an out of the box theme for starters so that I can concentrate on content (as of course it is King) and social media integration.

As I’m fully self employed in SEO & Web Design I intend to regularly blog about SEO tricks that I have learnt and how to implement them. As and when new ideas come to mind I shall write about them.

Hope you enjoy my ramblings!

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