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Introducing our SEO, Support & Maintenance Packages

By In SEO On 08/06/2015

Business is doing well and many customers are contacting you via your website. Great! Job done. Think again. Here at evince we recognize the need to constantly update and refresh your web marketing simply to maintain the status quo. In the constantly evolving online environment it is essential that you keep ahead of the game.

By entrusting your Web Marketing to the experts in Search Engine Optimisation you are ensuring that you stay visible to your current and potential customers in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

The team at evince can help to manage your website as your business develops and grows.  Always highly professional and with an enviable track records, we can advise on how to maximise business from your online presence.  It all boils down to building relationships that work – for your business and ours.

With new competitors coming online on a regular basis it makes sense to ‘bank’ some web management and support time with the professionals to call on as required.  This way, we can react to your online needs as soon as they arise rather than after the event.

We have 3 packages on offer at the moment which can be customised if required – please contact us for more information.

Our Pricing

  • Shot of Espresso Package
    Shot of Espresso

    £100 / month
  • Our Entry Level Package

  • Ideal for start-ups and for those who would like a taster of how we can transform your online presence

  • Includes a Regular Amount of Onsite SEO

  • More Info
  • Large Americano Package
    Large Americano

    £300 / month
  • Our Standard Package

  • Ideal for sites that are ready to make the next leap forward

  • Web Support & Site Tweaks Included

  • Pay Per Click Campaign Management

  • Advanced Webmaster Tools Analysis / Fixes

  • More Info
  • Pot of Coffee Package
    Pot of Coffee

    £600 / month
  • Our Pro Package

  • Ideal for sites with a significant ongoing requirement or who need to maintain a strong online presence

  • Web Support & Site Tweaks Included

  • Indepth Weekly & Regular Pay Per Click Campaign Management

  • Advanced Webmaster Tools Analysis / Fixes & Backlink Analysis / Disavowing

  • Great for Multiple Sites with a Similar Proposition

  • More Info

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