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Emptying Magento Related / Up-Sell / Cross-Sell Products

By In Advice On 20/02/2015

If you need to remove any or all of the products links within a Magento installations.

Simply use phpmyadmin to empty the relevant tables. Use the following SQL queries on catalog_product_link.

Don’t forget to back up your database!

Please note check that the IDs match with your installations. i.e. that 1 actually is Related Products as they may not always be  the same accross installaions and versions.

For Related Products:
DELETE FROM `catalog_product_link` WHERE `link_type_id` = 1;

For Up-Sell Products:
DELETE FROM `catalog_product_link` WHERE `link_type_id` = 4;

For Cross-Sell Products
DELETE FROM `catalog_product_link` WHERE `link_type_id` = 5;


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