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WordPress: How to hide the visual composer activation nag

By In Advice, Platforms, Website Development On 04/08/2016

Like me, are you sick of seeing: “Hola! Please activate your copy of Visual Composer to receive automatic updates”


Every single time you log in to WordPress? Even though you’ve bought a premium theme with visual composer plugin bundled with it, or perhaps you are using WordPress in a test/development environment and it’s annoying yourself or a client.

Well, have no fear! Use this bit of code in your functions file to use css to hide it forever!

// visual composer activation nag remover
function admin_css() {
 echo '<style type="text/css">
#vc_license-activation-notice {display:none !important;}
add_action('admin_head', 'admin_css');

Tip, if you don’t want to edit your functions file for any reason or aren’t using a child theme then use the WordPress “functionality” plugin to have an additional functions file accessible from the backend so that the tweak isn’t overwritten when you update the theme.

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  • Pajtim 3 YEARS AGO

    Nice one work!

  • Darth 3 YEARS AGO

    Did not work and caused 500 error

    • Dan Vince 3 YEARS AGO

      It may have caused a confliction with other elements within your functions.php file. It's sometimes sensible to use the Functionality Plugin on wordpress and drop it in there. I assure you this code works I have running on lots of sites.

    • alemarengo 3 YEARS AGO

      Because it misses of a semicolon at the end of the code. But it's the only one that works! Thanks!

      • Dan Vince 3 YEARS AGO

        Cheers, I missed that, I've corrected the above code.

  • prakhar 2 YEARS AGO


  • savas 2 YEARS AGO

    thanks work for me

  • KIyoshiMarin 1 MONTH AGO

    Thank you so much. It works perfectly!


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