Magento Log Cleaning

Magento’s Logs can get HUGE over time, so heres some tips in how to clean the logs out and keep Magento healthy and fast.

The Files

  • Go into this folder: public_html/var/log and delete the log files – periodically.
    • Also if you don’t need them you can turn off the generation is Configuration | Developer | Log Settings

The Database

Back it up first!

  • Go to phpmyadmin
  • Select the check box for the following tables:
    • dataflow_batch_export
    • dataflow_batch_import
    • log_customer
    • log_quote
    • log_summary
    • log_summary_type
    • log_url
    • log_url_info
    • log_visitor
    • log_visitor_info
    • log_visitor_online
    • report_compared_product_index
    • report_event
    • report_viewed_product_index
  • In the drop down at the bottom select empty
  • Confirm this by clicking yes with the confirmation popup
  • Click the table checkboxes again.
  • In the same drop down  select optimise.


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