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How to Connect WordPress to Twitter & Facebook

There is currently a plethora of ways to connect WordPress to the various social media platforms. After much testing I shall describe the easiest way I have found to achieve automatic[...]

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How to Connect WordPress to LinkedIn

Linking WordPress to LinkedIn  so that your blog post are automatically outputed to your LinkedIn profile is very easy to achieve… First login to LinkedIn[...]

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Useful Google Chrome Apps for SEO & Web Development

As nowadays most of my web development is done online using CMS, I have discovered a  few very useful apps that work with Google Chrome. I thought I’d list them[...]

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Million Dollar Homepage

As an example of a unique web marketing opportunity I took advantage of at an early stage in my working life. The million dollar homepage was a[...]

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Welcome to

This blog is a testing platform & showcase for web technologies & concepts that I have learnt or have developed. It is also a repository for web[...]

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